Spray Painting Services


For an unrivalled finish in decorating our airless spray system is the only way to go.
We use the very best spray machines money can buy from Graco and QTech to ensure we are at the forefront of high quality decorating.
It’s not just walls and ceilings we can spray, our sprayers are able to give a ‘factory finish’ to just about anything you can think off. Be it furniture to radiators, kitchens to garage doors, we can spray it all.

There are key reasons why the use of spray technology over traditional application methods may want to be considered. These are:

– A finer, faultless finish can be achieved using spray, like the factory finish you would expect when purchasing items from new.
– Sprayers can cover extremely large areas quickly and effectively therefore reducing the overall time & cost of a project.
– Spray technology is outstanding at providing a more even coat over intricate items that are harder to paint using a brush, such as period
cast iron radiators, plaster cornice, mouldings, furniture……
– Better coverage can be achieved using spray, therefore reducing the number of coats, time & cost that would be required if the work was completed by hand.

With any technology, there will always be situations where they may not the most effective or efficient route and we would always be open and honest in discussing this with clients. However, many clients are seeing the increasing benefits that spray technology can bring to their projects. For this reason, we are continuing to invest in this technology to ensure we can offer our clients the most effective spray solution.